Cockroach Control Services

There are 2 main species you would be most likely to encounter in the uk, most common would be German (Blatella germanica) followed by the Oriental (Blatta orientalis) more rarely you may come across another 2 species Brown banded (Supella longipalpa) or American coackroaches (Periplaneta Americana).

Cockroaches breed quickly as many eggs are laid in egg cases (Ootheca) It is important to act quickly to gain control.

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What treatments are effective against cockroachs?

There are several treatments we may use, depending on the circumstances. ​Here is a list of possible treatments:
  • Cleaning
  • Residual insecticide
  • Dust
  • ULV/ Fogging
  • Gel baits
  • Non-toxic options
  • Monitoring/trapping

Did you know...

Cockroaches can be cannibals and can also consume each other’s excrement, In extreme cases, roaches will feed off of people.

A roach can live a week without its head and dies due to lack of water

Pest control professional in protective suit spraying pesticide in a commercial space infested with cockroaches.

How do you know if you have an cockroach infestation?

What to look for...

  • Long antennae
  • Miniature mouse-like droppings
  • Living near moist warm areas
  • Some species fly
  • Visible at night in the dark

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