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European Mole (Talpa europaea) Cylindrical body approx 14 cm long although females are typically smaller than males, very small eyes hidden behind fur, dark grey. But obviously they spend the majority of their time underground in a forever growing network of tunnels, so what will you see…. the large mounds of earth destroying your lawns and gardens. Mating occurs in spring with gestation period being approx. 4-5 weeks litter size from 2-7. As with most pests they breed quickly so don’t wait and see, Call Evoque.

There are Albino European moles, said to be quite rare.

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What treatments are effective against moles?

There are several treatments we may use, depending on the circumstances. ​Here is a list of possible treatments:
  • Trapping
  • Gassing- Evoque are trained to gas moles. There are strict rules as to where this can be carried out, speak to us for more information.

Did you know...

Moles can excavate 20m of tunnels a day!

A commercial mole emerging from the ground, showing its black fur and pink paws against rich brown soil.

How do you know if you have an mole infestation?

What to look for...

  • Mounds of soil
  • Raised tunnels on the surface of the ground
  • Ground sinking beneath your feet.

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