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Clothes moths (Tineola bisselliella) will eat any natural products with high kerotine content as they feed and thrive from this protein, or rather the larvae do, as its these young larvae stages that do the damage not the adults. They will eat any wool, furs, feathers, tapestries, animal hide and especially love cashmere. they love the dark areas so it can be some time before you notice you have a problem, sometimes when you move a piece of furniture and find that bald spot! If you see a golden coloured moth regularly flying around call Evoque.

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What treatments are effective against moths?

There are several treatments we may use, depending on the circumstances.
Here is a list of possible treatments:

  • Fogging/ULV
  • Toxic/Non-toxic insecticidal treatments
  • Heat
  • Cryonite
  • Trapping /Monitoring ( proactive and post treatment)
  • Insect growth regulators
  • Vacuuming/Deep clean

Did you know...

If clothes have been infested bag them up and place them in the freezer (treatment of the surrounding areas will still be required)

A person in a protective suit and mask spraying disinfectant on a sofa in a well-lit, modern living room.

How do you know if you have an moth infestation?

What to look for...

  • Small golden moth flying around from dark corners
  • Holes in woollen clothes in the wardrobe, or in carpets, tapestries etc
  • Certain types of clothes moth (case bearing) will spin a cocoon out of the fibres they eat so look out for cylindrical cases around the edges of the room
  • Pupae ( those little cases again) hanging from the ceiling.

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