Pests and diseases can cause significant damage to crops, resulting in reduced yields and financial losses for farmers. Rats partially can be a nuisance around farm yards and stables, causing damage and stress to other animals.

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Control Methods

Chemical Pesticides

Chemical pesticides have long been the go-to method for controlling pests in agriculture. These chemicals are designed to kill or repel pests and can be applied to crops through a variety of methods, such as spraying or dusting. However, chemical pesticides can also harm beneficial insects and other non-target organisms and can lead to the development of pesticide-resistant pests.

Pest monitoring

The most important aspect of is regular monitoring. This involves regular inspections at regular intervals, and recording any pests or activity found. Then the relevant control measures can be implemented.

Physical control

Physical control are measures such as exclusion, and trapping. Exclusion by creating barriers to prevent pests from entering areas. Trapping is another control method that can be used.

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Keep your business compliant.

If you have a pest problem, we understand that you want it dealt with quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, discreetly. A pest control contract will not only protect the health and safety of your employees, and protect your reputation, but will also help keep your business legally compliant.

Pest control contracts

Pest prevention contracts lets us assess your individual needs to provide a bespoke solution that fits your requirements, arriving on-site at a time that works best for your business.

You can rest assured that our service will not only prevent pests but will leave your business fully compliant with all pest prevention legislation. All our technicians are enhanced DBS cleared.

Pest Control Health & Safety

Evoque keep up to date with the latest training and courses and use traditional as well as modern techniques. We use the safest chemicals available, and all pesticides used by Evoque, and their method of application comply with the requirements of the control of pesticides regulations (1986).

Pest control operations can involve the use of a wide range of chemicals, firearms, mechanical devices, and other equipment, in many different situations.

Invariably, the operator is responsible for introducing something that was not there before. At Evoque comprehensive Risk Assessments and Method Statements incorporated with relevant COSHH sheets, can be submitted to a client prior to any works commencing, thus ensuring due diligence has been exercised. These documents will also be read by the relevant operator/s, so full competence is maintained whilst on site.

When indefinite maintenance contracts are agreed, the client will have their own login details to our online portal to access all their relevant paperwork.

Important Notice

Please note that the information supplied here is designed to highlight special areas of workplace health and safety law. Evoque make every effort to update and review this section on a regular basis. However, the regulations can and do change regularly. You are advised to contact Evoque or visit one of the relevant Government websites for further guidance of more information.

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